Amarula Cream 750ml


Amarula is indulgence ,gentle, relaxed, chilled, untouched, comfortable, an intimate moment, African luxury, somewhat romantic, exotic, uniquely African premium.

Alcohol Content: 17%


From tree to bottle, it takes over two years to create each bottle of Amarula Cream Liqueur. The key ingredient, the marula fruit, is considered one of Africa’s botanical treasures. This exotic fruit, harvested by hand, gives Amarula its distinctive taste and smooth, rich texture. The tree grows naturally across sub-equatorial Africa and this is where the magical Amarula story starts.

This rare tree cannot be cultivated and the marula fruits are only selected when they are perfectly ripe and yellow. The mash from the fruit then travels 2,000kms to the cellar in Stellenbosch. The fruit is made into a wine and then double-distilled and left to mature in oak barrels for two years, before being blended with fresh cream.


|| ALLERGEN INFO: Contains: MILK ||

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