Family Household Hamper

A comprehensive grocery hamper packed with household essentials for a standard family.

  • Impala Mealie Meal 10 KG
  • D’ Lite Cooking Oil 5 Litres
  • Golden Cloud Self Raising Flour 2.5Kg
  • Azam Cake Flour 2,5Kg
  • Yeast 6 x 10g
  • Royco Packet Soup 45g (x5)
  • Heinz Tomato Sauce 500ml
  • Excella Rice 2KG (3)
  • Koo Baked Beans 410g x 3
  • EastCape Sugar Beans 500g
  • Yum Yum Peanut Butter 375ml
  • Illovo Brown Sugar 2Kg
  • Illovo White Sugar 2,5Kg
  • Pasta Grande Spaghetti 500g (x3)
  • Domestos Thick Bleach 750ml
  • Handy Andy All Purpose Cleaner 750ml
  • Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid 750ml (x1)
  • Five Roses Ceylon 102 Tag less Tea bags
  • All Gold Skweezi Apricot & Peach Jam 460g (x1)
  • Cremora 500g (x2)
  • Cerebos Iodated salt 1Kg
  • Pop Corn 500g
  • Cape Cookies Biscuits Double Delight 500g
  • Colgate Sensitive Senseform (x1)
  • Baby Soft 2 Ply Toilet Tissue (1 x 4s)
  • Protex Bath Soap 100g (x6)
  • Dawn Body Lotion 400ml (x2)
  • Sunlight Handwash Powder Regular 1kg
  • First Value Rainbow Sponge Scourers (1×4)
  • Vaseline Petrolium Jelly (1 x 450ml)



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