USN 100% Premium Whey Protein



USN 100% Premium Whey Protein contains multiple protein sources to help with recovery and lean muscle growth.


Most athletes and fitness enthusiasts realise the possible benefits of having a Whey Protein shake after your training to feed your muscles protein to support lean muscle gains.

The importance of a good Whey Protein is such that athletes may ignore many other supplements but will always include a Whey Protein shake as part of their fitness routine.


A quality whey shake used after your workout helps to reduce your recovery between your workouts. This has enough naturally occurring amino acids to help you constantly perform at your best.

USN’s latest whey protein product has been created from different protein sources to ensure that protein gets delivered at every vital stage of the recovery process.

In their blend they have whey Hydrolysate which is one of the purest and most readily available forms of protein. This fast-acting protein source ensures that your body starts to receive protein almost as soon as you have finished your shake.

Once your body has used the protein from the Hydrolysate USN has added whey and milk protein isolate combined with whey protein concentrate to continue the supply of protein for a further 30 – 40 minutes.


As with any quality protein shake USN has added Tolerase L which is a ph-stable lactase digestive enzyme to help your body utilise the protein more efficiently and to minimise any stomach discomfort for users who are lactose intolerant.


Available in a variety of new flavours like Wheytella and Cinnamon Bun, which we can confirm are awesome.

The new USN 100% Premium Whey Protein offers you a quality whey shake in a money-saving 3.2kg size with a flavour selection to please even the most discerning palette.


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